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The Baglietto shipyards were founded in 1854 by Pietro Baglietto in Varazze , within a few years it had established a position for itself in the nautical market and was enjoying international recognition.

Baglietto has always been one of the leading shipbuilders and has introduced highly advanced technologies and production systems with every material be it solid wood , marine ply or aluminium.

Baglietto represents 150 years of success in the construction of luxury motor yachts , Today as in the past Baglietto is moving forward from its established traditions , with the development of cutting edge projects that are destined to go down in history.

For expert information and advice about buying or selling a Baglietto Motorboat contact one of our experienced advisers who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Below is the finest selection of Baglietto Boats for sale.

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Baglietto 2004
2004 Baglietto 2004
Baglietto 30M
2003 Baglietto 30M
Baglietto 36m
1990 Baglietto 36m
Baglietto 36m (6 Cabins Layout) 2018/19
1986 Baglietto 36m (6 Cabins Layout) 2018/19
Baglietto 36 (Rebuilt Interior in 2018)
1988 Baglietto 36 (Rebuilt Interior in 2018)
Baglietto 30 mt
1989 Baglietto 30 mt
Baglietto 28
1976 Baglietto 28
Baglietto ELBA
1958 Baglietto ELBA
Baglietto Ischia 80
1981 Baglietto Ischia 80
Baglietto ELBA
1960 Baglietto ELBA
Baglietto U.L.P.Y.
1929 Baglietto U.L.P.Y.
Baglietto Baglietto 152
2015 Baglietto Baglietto 152
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