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This stunning Galeon 640 FLY is available for immediate delivery

The Galeon Yachts 640 Fly is a game-changer with its innovative approach to layout and space distribution. Due to an innovative superstructure construction combining the use of fibreglass infusion technology with carbon fibre reinforcements we were able to achieve:

– A 30% increase in stiffness compared to traditional methods
– Weight decrease of 5% of yacht’s total mass which in turns improves performance, handling and fuel efficiency
– Unsupported top deck overhang with dimensions of 4 meters wide by 3 meters long
– Dimensions and weight of structural supports were decreased by 25% while maintaining full weight-bearing capabilities
– An incredible 55% ratio of glass to fibreglass on the superstructure, a 15% improvement over the industry average

The top deck is enlarged to offer a generous dining space, a full-sized bar and plenty of lounge space surrounding the steering console. The bow deck area can be approached by the revolutionary, electric front window entrance revealing two separate movable sofas with integrated foldable tables for sundeck purpose. Serve the area from a nearby wine bar to further impress your guests. Everyone’s favourite Beach Mode makes a welcome reappearance, fitted with six-meter long balconies with partially glazed floors and a breakfast bar on both sides.

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