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Established in 1982, Galeon Yachts remains a privately owned company specialising in constructing luxury yachts and motorboats. Every Galeon is a piece of handcrafted excellence and thanks to the unparalleled attention to detail, cutting edge technology and great designs the company has become one of the premier European boat builders. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied owners – you can be sure your next Galeon will exceed your expectations.

Galeon Yachts are conceived and designed by top naval architects such as Tony Castro or Roberto Curtò, assuring unparalleled modern styling and innovation.
Galeon Yachts manufacture just about everything in house including the cabinetry, the furniture and even the stainless-steel window and door frames. That means the grains match, the cabinets are solid and stainless-steel fixtures are perfect and perform smoothly. To assure that all their yachts maintain the highest quality and standards, Galeon has invested in cutting-edge equipment, up-to-date production systems and the latest technologies.
The current Galeon range extends to four distinct styles, GTO, Sports Cruiser, Hardtop, Flybridge and Skydeck.

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Galeon Yachts Range

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Galeon 325 GTO is an unrivalled novelty within the Galeon shipyard offer. It is a breakthrough vessel, where its design created by Tony Castro fits into the global trend for fast and luxurious weekend yachts powered by outboard engines.

Galeon Yachts GTO For Sale

Galeon 325 GTO

The Galeon Yachts Sports Cruiser range offers an impressive selection of models, from 30 to 45 foot, sporty handling, elegant style, innovation and attention to detail best describe the luxury Galeon Open and HTS range, with their distinctive windows and bold colours to their opening hard tops and spacious entertaining areas.

Galeon Yachts Sports Cruisers For Sale

Galeon 305 Open, Galeon 305 HTS, Galeon 335 HTS, Galeon 405 HTS, Galeon 425 HTS, Galeon 485 HTS

The Galeon Yachts Hardtop collection includes models, from 31 to 70 foot. The HTC range look impressive with their aggressive lines, powerful structure and beautifully styled large windows which allow natural light to stream in to the cabins, All Galeon Hardtop boats are fitted with sliding glass doors and opening roofs which gives you the ability to use them all year round.

Galeon Yachts Hardtop for Sale

Galeon 310 HTC, Galeon 370 HTC, Galeon 410 HTC, Galeon 430 HTC

The award winning Galeon Yachts Flybridge range offers a stunning collection from 30 to 78 foot. Elegant lines, innovative features, bespoke finishes and spacious layouts come as standard. Whether your a novice looking for an entry level flybridge or an experienced owner looking to up-size you’ll be sure to find what your looking for with Galeon Yachts.

Galeon Yachts Flybridge for Sale

Galeon 300 Fly, Galeon 360 Fly, Galeon 400 Fly, Galeon 420 Fly, Galeon 460 Fly, Galeon 500 Fly, Galeon 550 Fly, Galeon 640 Fly, Galeon 680 Fly, Galeon 800 Fly

The Galeon Yachts Skydeck is an exciting range of boats from 43 to 70 foot, which boasts the perfect balance between a flybridge and hardtop. Enjoy the sporty looks and benefits of the hardtop with it’s opening cockpit roof and glass doors combined with a concealed flybridge for additional entertaining and easy handling.

Galeon Yachts Skydeck for Sale

Galeon 430 Skydeck, Galeon 470 Skydeck, Galeon 510 Skydeck, Galeon 560 Skydeck, Galeon 700 Skydeck

Galeon Yachts Videos

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Galeon Yachts Ownership Advice

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We offer free expert information and advice about Galeon Yachts, you can contact our experienced yacht brokers who will be able to help and answer any questions you may have or click on the link below to sell your Galeon with Approved Boats.

We have a wide range of services for boat owners including shipping, training, engine servicing, upgrades, refits, antifouling, cleaning and polishing, to find out more and receive a free no obligation quotation please click on the links below.

Contact us for competitive rates on boat insurance, extended warranty and yacht finance for your Galeon Yacht or click on the links below to receive a free no obligation quotation.

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Galeon 300 Flybridge
New Model
2022 Galeon 300 Flybridge
Galeon 305 HTS
New Model
2022 Galeon 305 HTS
Galeon 310 HTC
New Model
2022 Galeon 310 HTC
Galeon 430 HTC
2015 Galeon 430 HTC
Galeon 335 HTS
2019 Galeon 335 HTS
Galeon 380 Fly
2012 Galeon 380 Fly
Galeon 420 Fly
2013 Galeon 420 Fly
Galeon 430 HTC
2012 Galeon 430 HTC
Galeon 335 HTS
2020 Galeon 335 HTS
Galeon 380 Fly
2013 Galeon 380 Fly
Galeon 385 HTS
2011 Galeon 385 HTS
Galeon Galia 770 Sundeck
New Model
2022 Galeon Galia 770 Sundeck
Galeon Galia 750 Hardtop
New Model
2022 Galeon Galia 750 Hardtop
Galeon 390 HT
2008 Galeon 390 HT
Galeon 380 Flybridge
2005 Galeon 380 Flybridge
Galeon Galia 700 Sundeck
New Model
2022 Galeon Galia 700 Sundeck
Galeon GALIA 630 OPEN
New Model
2022 Galeon GALIA 630 OPEN
New Model
2022 Galeon GALIA 630 SUNDECK
Galeon 280 Fly
2004 Galeon 280 Fly
Sort by:
61 to 80 of 88 Results