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Absolute Spa designs and builds luxury yachts from 47 up to 75 feet in the Navetta, Flybridge and Coupé ranges. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Podenzano, Piacenza (Italy).

Absolute is independent both financially and in management. The different phases of studying, planning, and production are developed internally thanks to our unique combination of experienced professionals in the yachting industry. Absolute is renowned internationally thanks to our network of dealers working hand-in-hand with the company and being committed to its principles.

Absolute is the symbol for experience, innovation, and practicality with yachts appreciated all around the world. Today, the company has solidified its place inside the yachting industry globally by winning several international awards for the design and architectural characteristics of our models.

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Absolute Yachts Range

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Sporty lines, complete comfort, Absolute soul.
This exclusive and distinctive range is designed for the sporting shipowner, boasting unparalleled liveability, extreme innovation and cutting-edge solutions for a lower environmental impact.

Absolute Yachts – Coupe Range -For Sale

Absolute 48 Coupe

The future dynamism of design and the innovative spirit of these luxury yachts coexist in a sublime symphony of forms that shows itself through a comfort and an absolute optimization of spaces.

Absolute Flybridge – For Sale

Absolute Flybridge 47, Absolute Flybridge 50, Absolute Flybridge 52, Absolute Flybridge 56, Absolute Flybridge 60, Absolute Flybridge 62

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