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Riva Yachts was founded in 1842, in Sarnico, a small northern Italian town on the banks of the Iseo Lake, Riva is one of the world’s oldest most renowned shipyards. Pietro Riva, a young fisherman and boat builder carried out repairs to storm-damaged boats, which no one else could do; he built boats of exceptional quality and craftsmanship and thereby earned a reputation, which laid the foundations to transform the brand into the global name it is today.

In May 2000 Riva joined the world renowned Ferretti group taking this brand to the next level.

Riva Yachts are the ultimate in luxury and elegance , customers of Riva yachts through the years have included kings, sultans, emperors, actors, and entrepreneurs, making Riva a worldwide name for yacht beauty and high status.

For expert information and advice about buying or selling a Riva Motorboat contact one of our experienced yacht brokers who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Below is the finest selection of Riva Boats for sale.

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Riva Folgore
New Model
2024 Riva Folgore
Riva Corsaro 100 Riva
2021 Riva Corsaro 100 Riva
Riva 90' Argo
2021 Riva 90' Argo
Riva 90 argo
2020 Riva 90 argo
Riva Folgore 88
2021 Riva Folgore 88
Riva 88' Domino Super
New Model
2017 Riva 88' Domino Super
Riva 115 Athena
2008 Riva 115 Athena
Riva Florida
2015 Riva Florida
Riva Ribelle
New Model
2024 Riva Ribelle
Riva 68 Diable
2023 Riva 68 Diable
Riva Diable 68
2023 Riva Diable 68
Riva Diable
New Model
2023 Riva Diable
Riva 66' Ribelle
2021 Riva 66' Ribelle
Riva Domino 86
2010 Riva Domino 86
Riva 92' Duchessa
2010 Riva 92' Duchessa
Riva Xanadu 76
2017 Riva Xanadu 76
2016 Riva RIVA 76 PERSEO
Riva 85 Opera Super
2009 Riva 85 Opera Super
Riva 56 RIVALE
2021 Riva 56 RIVALE
Sort by:
1 to 20 of 97 Results