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Sealine Boats was founded  in 1972 by Tom Murrant out of his passion for boats. He couldn’t find a boat he wanted anywhere on the market – so he built it himself. In Kidderminster, UK, Murrant began production with boats under 25 feet. Murrant firmly believed that clever use of space is the key to producing better boats, and this still applies at Sealine today.

Over the years Sealine rose to a popular brand and innovator in the industry, employing over 500 craftsman and produced its largest boat to date in 2004 with the Sealine T60. In 2013, Sealine became part of the Hanse Group and moved to North Germany. Since then, the brand has been brought into the 21st century with state-of-the-art production processes and the concept of offering a loft-inspired lifestyle on the sea.

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Sealine Flybridge

Sealine have produced an impressive range flybridge boats from 30′ to 60′, great use of space, modern styling, innovation and attention to detail best describe Sealine flybridge boats.

Sealine Flybridge Boats for Sale

Sealine T60Sealine F530, Sealine T52, Sealine T51, Sealine T50, Sealine T47, Sealine F46, Sealine F44, Sealine F43, Sealine F42/5, Sealine F37, Sealine F34, Sealine F33

Sealine Sports Cruiser

Sealine’s distinctive sports cruisers range from 23′ to 53′, sociable cockpits, luxurious interiors and sporty handling.

Sealine Sports Cruisers for Sale

Sealine S48, Sealine SC47, Sealine S450, Sealine S43, Sealine S42, Sealine S41, Sealine S38, Sealine S37, Sealine S34, Sealine S330, Sealine SC29, Sealine S29, Sealine S28, Sealine S25, Sealine S23

Sealine Coupe

Sealine Coupe boats have the sporty handling of the sports cruiser but with the added benefit of being able to close off the cockpit area for all year round boating.

Sealine Coupe Boats for Sale

Sealine C530, Sealine C48, Sealine C430, Sealine C39, Sealine C330

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Sealine F430
New Model
2022 Sealine F430
Sealine C 430
2022 Sealine C 430
Sealine F530
2017 Sealine F530
Sealine C390
New Model
2023 Sealine C390
Sealine C430
2018 Sealine C430
Sealine T60
2005 Sealine T60
Sealine F48
2013 Sealine F48
Sealine T60
2007 Sealine T60
Sealine F430
2018 Sealine F430
Sealine S 335
2023 Sealine S 335
Sealine C48
2012 Sealine C48
Sealine S335
New Model
2022 Sealine S335
Sealine S 335 V
New Model
2022 Sealine S 335 V
Sealine F42
2011 Sealine F42
Sealine F42
2011 Sealine F42
Sealine C330
2018 Sealine C330
Sealine SC47
2010 Sealine SC47
Sealine F37
2006 Sealine F37
Sealine F42/5
2009 Sealine F42/5
Sort by:
1 to 20 of 43 Results