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In the decades that Sunseeker has been building boats in Poole, on the southern coast England it has evolved from a brand into an icon. To possess a Sunseeker has become an aspiration for many, to some an obsession. To own a Sunseeker is to buy into a style and to make the ultimate lifestyle statement. When only the best will do in luxury and performance, Sunseeker provides it.

Today the range of luxury Sunseeker Yachts for sale extends to over 14 models encompassing their Super Yachts, Flybridge Motor Yachts, performance Sport Yachts and Sports Cruisers with iconic names such as San Remo, Predator, Manhattan, Camargue and Portofino give film star appeal and the ability to turn heads, both under way and at rest.

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Sunseeker Yacht Range

The Sunseeker Yacht range offers an impressive range of models, from 75 to 115 foot, seductive British Style, innovation and attention to detail best describe the luxury Sunseeker Yacht Range, their distinctive modern and classic design blend harmoniously to exceed even the highest of expectations.

Sunseeker Yachts For Sale

Sunseeker 75 YachtSunseeker 82 YachtSunseeker 86 YachtSunseeker 88 YachtSunseeker 90 Yacht, Sunseeker 28 Meter Yacht, Sunseeker 30m Yacht, Sunseeker 101 Sport Yacht, Sunseeker 34m Yacht

Sunseeker Predator

The Sunseeker Predator range offers an extensive range of models, from 54 to 108 foot.

The Predator range is a rare breed. An instant head turner in any waters, the combination of precision craftsmanship and cutting edge design ensure the fastest Predator models achieve speeds in excess of 45 knots. Uniquely styled. Thoughtfully crafted. A Predator will never go unnoticed

Sunseeker Predator for Sale

Sunseeker Predator 52, Sunseeker Predator 54Sunseeker Predator 55Sunseeker Predator 56Sunseeker Predator 57Sunseeker Predator 58Sunseeker Predator 60Sunseeker Predator 61Sunseeker Predator 62Sunseeker Predator 64Sunseeker Predator 68Sunseeker Predator 72Sunseeker Predator 75Sunseeker Predator 80Sunseeker Predator 82Sunseeker Predator 84Sunseeker Predator 108

Sunseeker Manhattan

The Sunseeker Manhattan range offers an exquisite range of models, from 50 to 80 foot. Think of a Flybridge Motor Yacht and you will instantly think of an Sunseeker Manhattan.

The impeccable styling and thrilling performance of a Manhattan range gives these long distance cruisers notable presence in any waters.

Sunseeker Manhattan for Sale

Sunseeker Manhattan 50Sunseeker Manhattan 52Sunseeker Manhattan 55Sunseeker Manhattan 56Sunseeker Manhattan 60Sunseeker Manhattan 62Sunseeker Manhattan 63Sunseeker Manhattan 64Sunseeker Manhattan 66Sunseeker Manhattan 70Sunseeker Manhattan 73Sunseeker Manhattan 74Sunseeker Manhattan 75Sunseeker Manhattan 80

Sunseeker Portofino

The Sunseeker Portofino range offers an exciting model range, from 34 to 53 foot.

The Portofino range is designed with high performance for fun in the sun. Sunseeker practically invented the “Med style boat,” or at least introduce it by creating the perfect balance of cockpit entertaining space combined with luxurious accommodation below decks.

Sunseeker Portofino for Sale

Sunseeker Portofino 34Sunseeker Portofino 35Sunseeker Portofino 40Sunseeker Portofino 46Sunseeker Portofino 47Sunseeker Portofino 53

Sunseeker Superhawk

Sunseeker also produced many boat styles which are still in high demand on the second hand boat marker, these ranges include, Superhawk, Tomahawk, Martinique and Camargue

Sunseeker Superhawk for Sale

Sunseeker Superhawk 34Sunseeker Superhawk 40Sunseeker Superhawk 43Sunseeker Superhawk 48Sunseeker Superhawk 50

Sunseeker Tomahawk for Sale

Sunseeker Tomahawk 37,  Sunseeker Tomahawk 41

Sunseeker Martinique for Sale

Sunseeker Martinique 36Sunseeker Martinique 38Sunseeker Martinique 39

Sunseeker Camargue for Sale

Sunseeker Camargue 44Sunseeker Camargue 46Sunseeker Camargue 47Sunseeker Camargue 50Sunseeker Camargue 55

Sunseeker Ownership Advice

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Sunseeker 40M
2012 Sunseeker 40M
Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht
2012 Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker 131 Yacht
2012 Sunseeker 131 Yacht
Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht
2011 Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker 115
2015 Sunseeker 115
Sunseeker 37 Metre Yacht
2009 Sunseeker 37 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker 95 Yacht
2018 Sunseeker 95 Yacht
Sunseeker Predator 115
2013 Sunseeker Predator 115
Sunseeker 95
2019 Sunseeker 95
Sunseeker 115 Sport Yacht
2014 Sunseeker 115 Sport Yacht
Sunseeker 34 Metre Yacht
2011 Sunseeker 34 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker 34 Metre Yacht
2011 Sunseeker 34 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker Predator 74 XPS
2023 Sunseeker Predator 74 XPS
Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht
2014 Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker 76 Yacht
2019 Sunseeker 76 Yacht
Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht
2014 Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht
2013 Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker Manhattan 68
2024 Sunseeker Manhattan 68
Sunseeker 30 Metre Yacht
2009 Sunseeker 30 Metre Yacht
Sunseeker 74 Sport Yacht
2021 Sunseeker 74 Sport Yacht
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1 to 20 of 118 Results