Westerly Yachts for Sale

For many years, Westerly boats produced some of the most popular sailing yachts in the UK.

Westerly yachts are renowned for their well built and rugged construction and have a dedicated following of enthusiastic owners.

Westerly yachts offer an exciting range of sailing yachts from 25ft up to 38ft with popular models like the Westerly Oceanranger, Westerly Konsort and the Westerly Conway Ketch.

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Westerly Storm 33
1987 Westerly Storm 33
Westerly Konsort
1984 Westerly Konsort
Westerly Fulmar 32
1990 Westerly Fulmar 32
Westerly Konsort
1982 Westerly Konsort
Westerly Merlin
1986 Westerly Merlin
Westerly Tiger
1976 Westerly Tiger
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