Boats for Sale in Greece

Greece is considered to be a paradise for the boating and sailing community because it offers all types of seas and winds due to its unique landscape. Greece has thousands of islands that provide you with the amazing coastline of more than 15000 kilometers. The most famous sailing areas in Greece are the Cyclades complex, the Ioanian islands, the Dodecanese islands, the Sporades complex and Crete island. Of course you can try to sail to other destinations as well considering that Greece has unlimited places to go sailing.

For expert information and advice about buying or selling boats and yachts in Greece contact one of our experienced advisers who will be happy to assist you.

Below is the current list of boats for sale in Greece that are available to our network.

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Mondomarine 49m
2011 Mondomarine 49m
Golden Yachts 51.87m, M/Y O'NEIRO
2008 Golden Yachts 51.87m, M/Y O'NEIRO
Mondomarine 49m, M/Y O'CEANOS
2006 Mondomarine 49m, M/Y O'CEANOS
Mini Cruise Ship
2001 Mini Cruise Ship
ISA Rola
2006 ISA Rola
Baglietto 2004
2004 Baglietto 2004
AB 140
2009 AB 140
ISA S120
2017 ISA S120
Motor Yacht ADMIRAL 137'
2009 Motor Yacht ADMIRAL 137'
Custom Avangard Yachts 2014
2012 Custom Avangard Yachts 2014
Custom Avangard Expedition Yacht
2012 Custom Avangard Expedition Yacht
Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 38
2005 Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 38
Pershing 9X
2018 Pershing 9X
Maiora 39DP
2006 Maiora 39DP
Perini Navi 158
1993 Perini Navi 158
2008 Mondomarine
Motor Yacht Admiral 33M
2010 Motor Yacht Admiral 33M
Posillipo Technema 120'
2008 Posillipo Technema 120'
Sort by:
1 to 20 of 460 Results